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what do you mean i lost my mind?

Well, this is true to form, no surprises there. He’s started five of his eleven novels to date with the definite article. We’ve had two of them with “it”, there’s been one “but”, two “ats”, one “and” and a “Dolores”. Though that , of course, was never published.

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I was doing my long daily walk a month or so ago, muttering to myself as usual, when I started telling myself about a guy who seemed pretty interesting.

He was a former US Navy pilot living in Shanghai just after WWII. He played trumpet — a peculiar, small, “stub” trumpet inspired by one I saw in a music store on a different walk — with a local ballroom jazz band (possibly at the Paramount, possibly a fictional ballroom or club, I don’t know yet). His best friend, I discovered with some surprise, was an ex-GI named Jake Weiss, nick-named Schloimey — a (non-practicing) Jew.

At that point, a dozen other thing crashed together in my mind, in the aftermath of which all of them said “Hey! We’re part of this story, too, guy!”

And aw, geez, I think I’m coming down with another novel, on top of the one I’m writing now. One which, as yet, has no definite plot, no theme, and is going to require a hellacious amount of research.

And. I. HATE. Research.

And why the hell am I so taken with novel-writing, anyhow? I’m a screenwriter, fer pete’s sake.


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30 December 2005 at 7:37 am

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