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This thing on? Okay. Hi! I’m Crow T. Robot and I’m here to tell you that Mike Nelson is innocent. Mike Nelson is 200% [BEEEP] not guilty. And if you [BEEEP] don’t [BEEEP] find him innocent, then you can just f[BEEEP]ing kiss my [BEEEP] f[BEEEP]ing [BEEEP]. And that [BEEEP]ing goes for your bullsh[BEEEP] court system, too! Mike, I’m so [BEEEP]ing sorry I couldn’t [BEEEP] be there for this [BEEEP] [BEEEP]–pletely bogus trial, man. But let me [BEEEP] tell ya something, Nelson — if I was there, I’d [BEEEP] kick everyone’s fat stupid [BEEEP] behinds and then cram it up their [BEEEP] [BEEEP]. Anyway, Mike, buddy, I hope this sh[BEEEP] helps. Take care, Mike.

Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 815, Agent from HARM, with too many writers to list.


Written by [IMH]

16 December 2005 at 11:59 pm

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